Foundations Design

ACADEMIC is a custom, purpose-built platform for students, researchers, and professors to showcase their latest work.

Professional Template

Choose from 2 themes, built with best practices and W3C accessibility standards.

No Subscription

The website is built entirely on open-source software, accessible directly from your Github account. There's zero lock-in, and you can update it as you please.

Content Management System

A personal web editor, accessible via your Github Account, to quickly update your website on the go.



We'll schedule a video call and have your website set up in one hour.

includes: Hosting Set Up, Github Setup, CV, Home Page, Layout

+ domain

Add On: Blog

includes: Blog Editor (CMS Fields), Blog Page, Pages for Each Post


Add On: Publications & Project

  • Featured Projects & Publications
  • Markdown Editor for Projects Page
  • Dedicated Projects pages
  • Formatted citations

includes: Publications Editor (CMS Fields), Citations


Custom Dev Work

includes: Custom themes, additional CMS fields, etc

If there's another theme that you'd like us to replicate on your portfolio, let us know!



What are you paying for?

  1. Avoid digging through the dozens of pages of documentation and get started on a purpose-built system that already works.
  2. There’s a hundred decisions to make before you get a website published. Most of them aren’t even noticed by the end users. Let us do your setup and save your energy for the decisions that matter.